Ms. Williams a Patron Saint?

This was created with an app I downloaded called “Fake News Maker”. But there is some truth to this.


Hopefully I can keep page afloat

I have tried to find any information on Ms. Nancy Williams. No luck. Perhaps I am at a dead end there.

I am always hard pressed to keep my Facebook community pages active with interesting posts. Same here with this page.

I will do my best to keep this page active but with almost no information about Ms. Williams other than hearsay and secondhand accounts I can’t promise anything.

I am always open to suggestions on what to post and to keep the page active and interesting.

Ms. Williams has her fans

I am not the only former student of Ms. Williams to have created this memorial page here and on Facebook for her. Others before me have created their own fan pages for her. Although these previous fan pages were basically one shot affairs it’s nice to know she has a cult following on the net. But for now this page and the Facebook page are the only ones active.

No info on Ms. Williams yet.

Although some info about her gleaned on my Facebook page by a few former students no other info available at this time. Not even one photo.

All I know was she was either from Rhode Island or Connecticut. She taught at West Jordan Middle School from 1981-1981-85. Some of her family had a Catholic background. She probably took new and nervous students out for ice cream.

The best example I might use to explain what she looked like: Ginny Ortiz’s character from the old PBS show 3-2-1 Contact reminds me quite a bit of Ms. Williams. Watch old reruns of this show on YouTube.

Other than that most of the info is suspect. A lot of rumors and urban legends.